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A Legacy of Excellence in Cleaning and Hygiene Manufacturing.

Welcome to Cleenol, where history meets innovation, and family values drive our commitment to excellence. With over 300 years of legacy as a family-run business, Cleenol has been an institution in cleaning and hygiene manufacturing for the past 75 years.

About Cleenol

Our Legacy of Family Values

Founded on the principles of family values, Cleenol has not only weathered the storms of time but has emerged stronger. These values form the foundation that extends to every member of the Cleenol family, creating a culture of integrity, collaboration, and mutual respect. When you join Cleenol, you become part of a community where everyone matters.

The Lab
Old Cleenol Marketing Poster
Cleenol family members working at the factory

Quality Cleaning Products Since 1948


Cleenol is an independent, family owned and run company which can trace its roots back to the timber trade of the early 1700's


Established in 1948, Cleenol Group Ltd was launched to supply washing up liquid and other innovative cleaning products.

1970s - 1980s

After building on our national distribution network to the whole of the UK, Cleenol began to export to overseas markets in the 1970's and onwards


Cleenol launched its first sustainability-focused product range 'Envirological' in the 1990s, changing how we view the impact on the environment across our entire line.

2000s and onwards

Cleenol now exports to 40+ countries worldwide, supplying a hugh variety of markets

Pioneering Innovation for a Cleaner Future

Innovation is in our DNA. For three-quarters of a century, Cleenol has been at the forefront of the Cleaning and hygiene manufacturing, introducing concentrated products two decades ahead of the mass market. Our highly skilled technical team and in-house lab are dedicated to not only innovating Cleenol's product line but also crafting bespoke cleaning chemicals as private labels to meet your unique needs.

Efficiency and Global Reach

Operating with a production capacity of 60 million liters per year (and growing), Cleenol ensures efficient logistics with national and international partnerships. Whether you need a 50ml bottle or a 1000-liter IBC, we deliver quality products to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.

Comprehensive Service Beyond Products

At Cleenol, we go beyond supplying cleaning products. Our dedicated service team installs products and provides COSHH training through in-house engineers. This ensures that our products are not only used correctly but also with maximum efficiency, minimizing waste and maximizing effectiveness.

Export & Distributors

Cleenol has over 40 years of export experience. We work on an Ex Works basis with all our export customers, which allows you to choose the best option for you. We have a number of experienced shippers based out of the UK who have vast knowledge of shipping all types of products globally. 

We have a dedicated in-house export administrative team who will manage all the shipping documents with your chosen shippers, as well as provide all the information for the importing of Cleenol products. We can arrange shipping by container or groupage to any international market, and we are actively looking for distributors in countries where we do not yet have representation.

For further details please contact

Map showing all the locations of Cleenol's Products

Our Legacy of Family Values

Cleenol, a private family-owned company tracing its roots to the 1700s, originated as a timber business in the West Midlands. Evolving with the times, it ventured into canal-related industries, from supplying timber to becoming boat builders and coal merchants during the canal's heyday.

From Birmingham to Leamington Spa and later Banbury, Cleenol's market presence expanded nationally by 1975 and internationally in the 1980s. By 2000, Cleenol's products reached over 40 countries, a testament to its global recognition for quality.

Legacy image of Cleenol. Showing family at a gathering

During World War II, Cleenol's chemical journey began when the Foster family, then operating in Birmingham, supplied coal to the Shell Chemical Company. In response to wartime soap shortages, Shell developed Teepol, the first washing up liquid. The success of Teepol led to the birth of Cleenol, as Mr. Neville Foster pioneered its production and expansion.

Cleenol family members working at the factory
Cleenol team outside a Cleenol Delivery truck

Our Values

We manufacture, warehouse and distribute high-quality products through an efficient and personal service.

Our focus is on improved product performance, increased safety and environmental credentials and enhanced customer benefit. 

Our Product Portfolio

We have an extensive manufactured chemical product portfolio, making Cleenol a single source for even the most demanding of cleaning requirements.

Each product in Cleenol’s general or bespoke range of cleaning solutions is formulated to provide the highest standards in domestic, commercial and industrial hygiene technology. Our products are formulated to industrial strength for the professional market. 

Our Services

We can help you manufacture hygiene and cleaning products with your own custom labels.


Find out more about our White Label Manufacturing and Innovation Services here

Cleenol employs its own service support team to give dispenser installation and training services. 

Find out more about our Training and Service Support Services

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