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Building a Better Tomorrow

Creating a Safer, Healthier Community Through Environmental Sustainability, Education, and Support

Working in the community with the NHS

Welcome to Cleenol Community Interest Company (CIC)

At Cleenol In The Community, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of care, support, and growth rooted in Banbury. Our commitment revolves around environmental sustainability, education, and support to extend a positive impact throughout the surrounding areas.

Our Initiatives

Cleenol Direct - Elevating Cleanliness with Responsibility

Discover Cleenol's high-quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products aimed at improving health and cleanliness standards in our community. Join us in promoting responsible environmental practices through Cleenol Direct.

Cleenol Training and Support - Empowering Futures

Unlock personal and professional development with our comprehensive training programs. We focus on empowering disadvantaged groups with the skills needed for employment and personal growth.

Cleenol Funding - Investing in Community Development

Contribute to the sustainable development of our community through Cleenol Funding. We support local projects aligning with our mission, making a positive impact on the environment and well-being.


At Cleenol, we envision:

  • Enhanced employment opportunities for those facing barriers to work.

  • Increased awareness and adoption of environmental best practices.

  • A network of supported local projects contributing to the health, well-being, and prosperity of our community.

Our Impact
Cleenol photo showing working in the community with the NHS
Cleenol staff during a skydive
Cleenol staff during a skydive

Local Residents

Improving quality of life through health, cleanliness, and sustainability.

Disadvantaged Groups

Providing support, training, and employment opportunities for refugees, ex-military personnel, and individuals from low-income backgrounds.

Local Businesses and Organisations

Creating a vibrant, sustainable local economy through partnerships and community projects.

Who Benefits

Join the Movement

Whether you're a resident, business, or advocate for positive change, there are numerous ways to get involved with Cleenol in the Community. Volunteer, participate in our programs, or support our initiatives to help build a stronger community together.

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