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Redefining the Super Concentrate

It all began with our Evolution Super Concentrates system where we redefined cleaning chemicals. As part of the range we wanted to create an additional system that ran parallel with our wall mounted dosing systems, one where the need for additional hardware wasn’t required, we called it Evolution 1000.

Today, after many years, we are proud to announce the new name for Evolution 1000.


We looked at the range and asked ourselves what makes this product so powerful and unique, the obvious answer was the superior cleaning power of each product within the range, but additionaly was how easy it is to dose these products.

Which is why we’re proud to introduce the brand new Easidose range.

With each product in the range you get the incredible cleaning power of our Evolution Concentrates, with the added benefit of being incredibly easy to dispense an accurate, measured dose for dilution.

Easy to dose, it’s in the name!

Dosing a product from the Easidose range couldn’t be simpler, it’s in the name after all.

Not convinced? Here's a breakdown of the Easidose system.

Measuring Cup

Each bottle of Easidose has a specially designed measuring cup built directly in the bottle.

Feed Tube

Also built into the bottle is a feed tube which connects from the bottom of the bottle to the measuring cup above.


  • Firstly, loosen the cap to allow air into the bottle, you’ll need to do this or the feed tube won’t operate.

  • Gently squeeze the sides of the bottle, the air flow and light pressure will push the concentrate through the feed tube.

  • The product will exit the feed tube and start to fill the measuring cup, keep squeezing until you’ve reached the desired volume for dilution.

  • Don’t worry, there are handy markers on the cup and dilution measurements in the directions for use. Just check the label before dosing.

  • Once you’ve reached the required volume, cease squeezing. The concentrate will flow back down the tube ensuring you done’t accidentally over dose.

  • Simply empty the concentrate from the measuring cup into you prefilled heavy duty refill flask or bucket, then reattach the cap.

  • You’re now ready to get on with cleaning. See, we told you it was easy!

Easidose - For a greener, cleaner world

Single Use Plastics

Switching to a concentrate system means fewer single use plastics going to landfill.

Water Savings

Using concentrates means you only use water when required to create the desired solution and with Easidose you only use as much solution as you need, reducing waste solution entering the water network.

Carbon Footprint

Everything from production, storage and shipping makes less of an impact on the environment than traditional ready to use products.


All of our bottles and packaging are fully recyclable and, where possible, reusable.


Standard prefilled and ready-to-use products, whilst still relevant in today’s world, are not financially sustainable as a long term solution for your cleaning needs.

1x1L bottle can make a minimum of 50 ready-to-use refill flasks (based on a 20ml dosage)

Packed 3 x 1L to a case, provides up to 150 ready-to-use flasks – equivalent to 25 cases of normal ready to use product.

Perfumed Floor Cleaner ED5, 6x750ml HDR
Perfumed Floor Cleaner ED5, 6x750ml HDR
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