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Sustainable hygiene, the right way.

Cleenol has a history of environmental guardianship demonstrated by the ISO14001 environmental certification that we have held for many years and by our Environmental Management System which is documented, implemented, and maintained ensuring compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements related to our activities, products and services and their environmental aspects.

Our formulation development has always aimed at delivering the optimal performance both in efficiency and environmental impact - this is what we call the principle of the “Right Dose”.

We were early proponents of super concentrates that ahead of trend spoke to the reduction of carbon footprints, and the reduction of plastic.

  • to complete our environmental position more fully.

  • Designed to appeal to customers who need a dedicated environmental range.

  • Represents the beginning of a wider range.

  • The edencleen mark reflects our commitment for the cleaner, safer world.

Why edencleen?

Enzyme Solutions

As part of our ongoing restructure of Cleenol brands to make it even easier to find the correct product, we have now incorporated the Cleenzyme range into edencleen. The Cleenzyme range fits perfectly with what we have achieved with edencleen, and it made perfect sense to invigorate these products with the new brand.

Our enzyme products are a range of bio and enzyme solutions to tackle difficult stains, long term grease build-up and malodours and more.

Sustainable Foundation

Edencleen products have been developed around the following principles and ingredients:

  • RSPO certified palm oil derivatives.

  • No animal derived products.

  • Cruelty free.

  • Minimal petrochemical derived products.

  • No parabens, formaldehyde, CMI/MIT, triclosan, phosphates, chlorine bleaches, optical brighteners, quaternary ammonium compounds.

  • VOC free and phosphate, EDTA, NTA free.

  • Recyclable / recycled packaging.

  • 100% bio-based surfactant - made by using bio-based ethylene oxide which is manufactured from biomass ethanol.

  • Bioethanol, naturally derived acids, sugar-based surfactants, bio-based solvents, low impact preservatives.

Edencleen Washroom Cleaner, 2x5L
Edencleen Washroom Cleaner, 2x5L
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