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The original Super Concentrate

We first launched the original Evolution Super Concentrate system in the early 2000’s. And today, over two decades later, it’s still the original and best super concentrate system. We’ve continued to improve the range by adding new products and researching new formulations to deliver even better cleaning performance to meet the ever changing conditions that life throws at us.

Evolution Super Concentrates are a complete range of products to cover nearly every aspect of cleaning from catering to housekeeping. Equipment, work surfaces, floors, walls, furniture and more, you name it, there’s an Evolution Super Concentrate that does it.

Our specialist dispensers allow Evolution Super Concentrates to be dosed without the need for water connections, plumbing, or electrical supply. The compact design allows each dispenser to be fitted in even the most restricted of spaces.

By purchasing concentrated cleaning chemicals you can create significant savings whilst minimising the environmental impact of packaging and logistics. Other benefits include saving storage space and time as cleaning products need to be ordered less often.


Standard prefilled and ready-to-use products, whilst still relevant in today’s world, are not financially sustainable as a long term solution for your cleaning needs.

1x1.5L pouch can make the equivalent of up to:

  • 75 to 150 Buckets or Sinks

  • 75 to 300 Ready-To-Use Refill Flasks

Evolution - For a greener, cleaner world

Single Use Plastics

Switching to a concentrate system means fewer single use plastics going to landfill.

Water Savings

Using concentrates means you only use water when required to create the desired solution and with Evolution you only use as much solution as you need, reducing waste solution entering the water network.

Carbon Footprint

Everything from production, storage and shipping makes less of an impact on the environment than traditional ready to use products.


All of our bottles and packaging are fully recyclable and, where possible, reusable.

Antibacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner EV3, 2x1.5L
Antibacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner EV3, 2x1.5L
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