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Is Hand Hygiene Dead?

Is hand hygiene still a priority as we move beyond the worst of the pandemic?

The pandemic changed our behaviour, with governments around the globe encouraging citizens to take steps to prevent the spread of the virus. Mask-wearing became mandatory, we were forced to socially distance or isolate, and take extra measures around hygiene and sanitisation to protect ourselves and the most vulnerable in our communities.

As we emerge from the worst of the pandemic, we are finally able to enjoy a level of normality and relax a little. But the virus hasn’t completely disappeared and we may yet face future spikes in case numbers. So, while we may breathe a sigh of relief hoping that the worst of it is over, are we remembering the things we can do to prevent any further spread of Covid-19, or any future virus spreading in the way Covid-19 did?

A YouGov behaviour changes tracker, shows a clear trend of relaxation in people’s attitude towards the virus. It has been charting people’s approach towards improving personal hygiene (such as hand washing and using sanitiser) in relation to Covid-19 since February 2020, when the virus started spreading around the world. It records a significant downward trend in participants actively improving their personal hygiene, most prominently in Europe and the Americas. For example, in the UK, the tracker shows us that 77% of participants were taking measures to improve hygiene in April 2020, whereas in July 2022, this has fallen to just 29% and in the US a reduction from 69% down to 40%.

Hand wash, creams and sanitisers are important to limit the transmission of, not just Covid-19, but other illnesses and viruses as well, to keep ourselves safe from bacteria and germs. Our extensive range of hand hygiene products will help you, your employees, customers, and clients to do that.

Our Senses hand wash is designed for frequent use. It can be used to refill a wall-mounted soap dispenser and is available in three scents – Rose Lily, Peach, and Green Apple. Or if you are looking for a more luxurious range, try our Ast & Greaves products. Our carefully balanced, lightly perfumed hand washes are available in Jasmine & Apple Blossom and Black Pepper & Ginseng.

We also provide a range of hand sanitiser products. Our 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Gel or Spray, kill 99.99% of viruses and 99.999% of bacteria. Or if you are looking for a sanitiser that is kinder on the hands, try our Senses Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer designed for frequent use. It dries more slowly than alcohol-based sanitisers meaning you get better coverage (you rub your hands together for longer) with a more durable resistance on your skin.

Find out more about how we are helping to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses: contact our sales team today,


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