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More new stuff!

Keeping your energy costs contained

New kettle descaler lands

Did you know that it costs £0.0338 to heat a kettle with 500ml of water?Did you know that it costs 10% extra for the same kettle with 1 mm of scale?

Add the cost of replacing scale damaged equipment and it's clear that prevention is better than cure.

  • Packed in easy to use 1l bottles,

  • Needs just 5 minutes to remove the worse scale build up

  • Leaves elements and insides clean and bright and working at full efficiency. 

Still on the point of keeping your premises working efficiently comes our new Drain and Sink Unblocker. 

Unwanted emergency plumber call outs?

Drain and sink unblocker to the rescue...

New from Cleenol, is our Drain and Sink unblocker.

  • Designed to shift the heaviest blockages in a single shot.

  • Removes both fatty deposits and proteins from drains and plugholes.

  • Used regularly it will help to keep drains clear and running freely.

  • Comes packed 6x1l for ease of use and handling. 


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