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National Hygiene Week - Let’s put an end to hygiene poverty

National Hygiene Week runs from 3rd to 9th October this year. Organised by The Hygiene Bank, the purpose of National Hygiene Week is to raise awareness about hygiene poverty and encourage individuals and organisations around the UK to get involved, volunteer or donate money or products to support the cause.

What is hygiene poverty?

The Hygiene Bank uses the term hygiene poverty to describe those who are unable to afford vital hygiene and personal grooming products because they need to spend their money on other life essentials such as food, heating or rent. Over a third of people living in the UK are classed as living in poverty and over a half of 18 to 24 year olds have had to go without essential hygiene products or cut down on usage because they can’t afford them. This means people are being forced to choose between keeping warm and putting food on the table and doing everyday activities a lot of us take for granted such as cleaning, washing and dental hygiene.

The Hygiene Bank is working to change this

Driven by the belief that basic hygiene is not a privilege, The Hygiene Bank aims to fulfil its vision that ‘one day everyone in the UK will have access to essential hygiene products’. National Hygiene Week plays a big part in this.

Why we’re supporting National Hygiene Week

At Cleenol, we’re committed to creating a cleaner, safer world and we provide a range of high-quality cleaning, hygiene and sanitising products to businesses and organisations. Because we understand the importance of good hygiene and cleanliness to keep people and the environment safe, we’re proud to be associated with The Hygiene Bank and support their aims to end hygiene poverty and enable everyone in the UK to access these essential products.

How can I get involved?

There are several ways to get involved. You can choose to volunteer by setting up a hygiene bank in your area or offering your skills to help support The Hygiene Bank’s campaign. Alternatively if you’re a retailer, service provider or public service, you can help by hosting a collection box. The Hygiene Bank also relies on individuals, organisations, businesses and institutions to support the cause by being a collector of these vital supplies to enable The Hygiene Bank to get them to the people who so desperately need them. And the Hygiene Bank is always on the lookout for people to help with fundraising activities and for corporate support from organisations and businesses.


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