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On Saturday 9th September, Cleenol turned up the heat, quite literally with our annual summer party. With the sun blazing, a yummy feast to enjoy and a few soggy t-shirts (thanks to the water guns!), the team came together to have a fantastic afternoon. It was great fun getting to know each other out of the office and on a more personal level.

We had some fabulous live music kindly brought to us by our maintenance manager, Phil Aris’s son, Sam, which provided the perfect atmosphere for our summer festivities. The children enjoyed getting up to mischief and tiring themselves out on the bouncy castles. We also managed to raise some money towards our Project 75 mission with a good old-fashioned bake sale to soak up the drinks, kindly supplied by members of the Cleenol family. There was a huge variety of goodies which all went down a treat!

Due to the success of the summer party, we are eager to see what our next party entails! Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Cleenol.


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