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The Race for the Perfect Laundry Results

Employee Spotlight: Ken Moss, Technical Business Development Manager 


Cleenol’s laundry expert Ken Moss has dedicated his career in helping businesses perfect their laundry results. From optimising chemical dosing and analysing wash results, to training and programming custom wash cycles for levels of soiling and water hardness, Ken’s engineering experience spans across five decades.

Willing and Able

Equipped with an insatiable hunger to establish himself Ken started working at the tender age of 13. “I spent Saturdays learning about engineering and machine repairs. On weekdays I would rush to work at a local butchers’”, he reminiscences, “Those days a degree was not an imperative, I was willing to learn and work so they took me on.”

A few years later Ken moved on to work with a company that manufactured dishwashers and glasswashers. “The work was fast paced but rewarding”, he recalls. “We would build the machines in the morning, sell them at night and fit them to the client’s premises by the next morning – we could not shift the stock fast enough!”

The Virtues of a Family Business

Ken joined the Banbury-based family business Cleenol as a resident laundry expert in 2013. “My first impression was that the company felt family-centric – you are classified as an individual, rather than just a number”, he reflects. “I felt there was a real opportunity to move the laundry offering forwards and get my ideas across to the rest of the company.”

Over the years he has been trading in laundry chemicals across the UK as well as traveling the world to visit customers in destinations such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. “It always surprises me how culture affects the purchasing behaviours of laundry chemicals – religion and culture can affect how cleanliness and fragrances are perceived. For example, fragrances that are from or imitate foods – such as fruit scents – are not popular in the Middle East!”

The Need for Speed

In his spare time Ken Moss is a motor racing fanatic, with Formula 1 holding a special place in his heart. “Recently I even built a VR racing car simulator in our house!”, he rejoices. “I just love the adrenaline and thrill I get from racing, whether it’s on the track or in a virtual environment.”


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