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The Right Dose

Striking the right balance with our professional cleaning supplies

At Cleenol, we’re committed to contributing to a safer, cleaner world, and we also prioritise reducing waste. We know it’s critically important to get the right balance between the products we provide, their efficacy, and the environments they are used in.

Using the right product at the right concentration level – The Right Dose

Cleenol manufactures, warehouses and distributes a wide range of high-quality cleaning products to customers, paired with our efficient and personal service. We continually strive to minimise cost and the impact on the environment, while achieving professional results. We provide solutions across a range of industries from restaurants, catering and food production to gyms, schools, laundries and healthcare. Each of our products is carefully formulated to industrial strength for the professional market.

In order to attain the professional results that our customers need, while trying to minimise harmful chemical footprints in doing so, we’ve carefully tailored our solutions to meet the demands of the industries and environments they are  used in.

Choosing the right product range for your environment is the first step, and we help our customers to do that. But it doesn’t stop there. For example, we’ve carefully calculated dilution levels for concentrates to make our products go as far as possible and keep our customers’ costs low, while supporting safe use and respect for our environment.

Respecting the environment during challenging times

Cleenol has been helping to create a cleaner, safer world by providing cleaning products and services since 1948, so we’re no stranger to the needs of the industries we serve. But the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a massive increase in the need to sanitise and disinfect on a global scale. While being mindful of the need to keep people safe, we need to consider the environment and the impact we have on the natural world. That’s why we’re committed to the prevention of over-consumption.

Cleenol’s commitment to preventing over-consumption

 At Cleenol, we aim to prevent the over-consumption of cleaning, sanitising and disinfectant products via:

  • The production and provision of cleaning products specifically tailored to the industries they are used within

  • Clear instructions regarding product use across our range

  • Specific dilution instructions for concentrates to ensure optimum performance while reducing waste or chemical overuse

  • Training and development to ensure correct product use

  • The provision of safety data sheets to support safe product use for storage, transportation and usage

  • Information on ecological considerations such as toxicity levels, as well as safe disposal instructions

  • A personal service to help customers make the right product choices for their industry areas

 Finding the right balance for the right industry

Cleenol’s wide product offering includes a range of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. To support our sustainability ethos, we ask that you please use our products responsibly at the recommended dilution levels. That way we can all contribute to a safer, cleaner world while minimising our impact on the environment.


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