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Watching your pennies with Crystalbrite

If you run a commercial laundry or a nursing home or hotel that does its laundry on site, then the pressures to keep everything running and keep the levels of service to where you want them to be, whilst watching your utilities bills rise, feels like an unsurmountable challenge. 

Crystalbrite, our range of highly effective laundry products, which feature on energy saving could be the answer. 

CrystalBrite – Quality you can Trust

The CrystalBrite range of laundry liquids and powders offer excellent performance and value for money for every type of establishment.

Our extensive range of chemicals allows you to have the best combination of products to meet your specific requirements. The laundry liquid detergents are fully built for use with low and high-temperature wash programmes. Also compatible with ozone systems.

Our fabric softeners come with a variety of fragrances and are designed to soften the fabric, reduce static and make ironing easier. CrystalBrite also offers specialist enhancing products for specific soiling from destains to boosts and emulsifiers. Traditional powders are a great choice for hospitality and care/residential homes.

Energy Saving Formulations

CrystalBrite products are formulated to give first-class results even in low temperatures. By washing at 30°C rather than 60°C, a saving of around 65% (cold fill) or 70% (hot fill) is achieved in energy costs. Also, cycle times are reduced as the water need not be heated.

Benefits of partnering with Cleenol

  • Full Survey Available on Product Performance, Wash Programmes & Cost Per Wash  

  • One Free Service Call Per Year

  • Free Breakdown Cover In Case of System Failure

  • Any Technical Issues, Just Call/Email Cleenol

  • Full Training Provided upon System Install


Training improves work safety and efficiency

Cleenol provides educational programmes to inform staff about our products and the relevant Health & Safety Acts, including Health & Safety, COSHH and CLP regulations.

In addition, we provide a range of leaflets, posters and guides. Training modules can be tailored to your individual training requirements and incorporated into personalised wall charts.


Laundry Supply Roadmap

PRE-AUDIT - Pre-audit on-site survey to ensure the viability of our Auto Dosing System (ADS).


AUDIT - If the criteria are met, we will conduct a full audit visit to survey current products and systems being used. We will identify the current cost per wash, any quality issues and perform a test wash if required.

We will define what Crystalbrite products and custom wash programmes would benefit your wash results.

PROPOSAL - We provide a detailed analysis of our offering vs. products currently being used.

A proposed recommendation includes proposed products and pricing, indicating any savings that you could pocket.


If you are happy to progress, we complete a “Free On Loan Agreement” for 3 years.



Cleenol's Installation Team will advise on the installation date.

At installation, all custom wash programmes are installed and wall charts are hung up. Staff are trained on best practices on washing and drying.

All chemicals and SDS are supplied.

About time you called us to find out how you sign up


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