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World Environment Day

Marking World Environment Day on 5th June to protect and celebrate our planet

On 5th June it’s the UN’s World Environment Day. While this day is marked every year by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), this year marks a particular milestone as it’s 50 years since the United Nations conference on the Human Environment was held in 1972, in Stockholm, Sweden[1].

What is World Environment Day about?

World Environment Day has been held since 1974 and is the largest global environment platform, with over 150 countries participating. Its purpose is to engage individuals and organisations around the world to raise awareness of environmental issues and to celebrate actions taken to protect the environment. This year, to mark the 50 year anniversary since the first conference was held, the event will once again be hosted by Sweden. 


Only One Earth campaign

This year’s Only One Earth campaign calls for ‘collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet’[2]. The UNEP is calling on individuals, organisations, celebrities and businesses to get involved to raise awareness and spread the word.

Our approach to sustainability

At Cleenol, we’ve a long history of sustainability in business and have been ISO14001 accredited since 2010, meaning we manage our environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability. We also operate an Environmental Management System, ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements relating to environmental aspects of our business activities, products and services.

In 2014, we launched our Envirological range, featuring only products that included no unnecessary raw materials, dyes, perfumes or harmful additives, were phosphate-free, septic tank safe, and packaged in reusable or renewable containers.

We’re also committed to striking the right balance by ensuring that users of our products understand how to use them safely and avoid under dilution, which can have harmful effects on the environment, or over-dilution, which wastes water. This is why we adhere to the principle we call The Right Dose. All of our products carefully formulated to ensure that when used correctly, at the right dilution with the right equipment, the environmental impact is kept to a minimum and remains safe for people.

Plus, our Easidose range is super-concentrated, meaning it’s compact, uses minimal packaging and is easily transportable – all of which helps to drive a lower carbon footprint. And all of the packaging is recyclable and where possible, reusable.

Going further to help protect the environment

Yet, as the effects of climate change and the human impact on the planet become ever more apparent, we can always do more. Concerns around sustainability and the environment are ever-increasing and businesses must continue to strive to do things better. That’s why we developed our new comprehensive environmentally friendly product range, edencleen.

edencleen puts the environment first without compromise

Our new edencleen range delivers the same high-quality performance as the rest of our product ranges, contributing to a cleaner, safer world, without compromise. The products in this new range have been developed around the following principles and ingredients:


  • RSPO certified palm oil derivatives

  • No animal derived products / cruelty free

  • No parabens, formaldehyde, CMI/MIT, triclosan, phosphates, chlorine bleaches, optical brighteners or quaternary ammonium compounds

  • VOC free and phosphate, EDTA, NTA free

  • 100% bio-based surfactant made by using bio-based ethylene oxide, manufactured from biomass ethanol

  • Uses bioethanol, naturally derived acids, sugar-based surfactants, bio-based solvents and low impact preservatives

  • Minimal petrochemical derived products

  • Recyclable / recycled packaging

This new range range includes washroom cleaner, multi-surface degreaser, all-purpose sanitiser, toilet cleaner, laundry liquid detergent, fabric conditioner, washing up liquid and window and glass cleaner.

So whatever your cleaning or hygiene needs, if you’re looking for high-performing products that are kind to the environment, contact our team today.

Trust Cleenol, for a safer, cleaner world.



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