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World Toilet Day – 19 November 2022 – Making the Invisible Visible


 World Toilet Day is on 19th November. Held on the same date each year, and organised by UN Water, it has been a globally observed event since 2013.

The purpose of World Toilet Day is to ‘celebrate toilets’ but also to raise awareness of the billions of people who don’t have access to proper sanitation. The United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goal 6.2 (SDG 6.2) aims to ensure safe toilets for everyone by 2030, yet today around 3.6 billion people still live with poor quality toilets.

This not only poses a threat to health and contributes to the spread of disease, it also pollutes the environment, spreading human waste to our rivers, lakes and soil, and our groundwater.

The title of this year’s World Toilet Day is ‘Making the Invisible Visible’ with a focus on the impact of poor sanitation on groundwater. Groundwater accounts for approximately 99% of freshwater on our planet and is vital to human survival. It supports our supplies of drinking water, together with sanitation systems, agriculture, industry and our ecosystems. The World Health Organization reports that at least two billion people drink from water sources contaminated with faeces and that every day more than 800 children under five years of age die from diarrhoea-related illness linked to unsafe drinking water.

UN Water is therefore calling on us all to join the conversation and do more to achieve SDG 6.2 and prevent the global sanitation crisis we are currently facing.


Keeping sanitation clean and kind to the environment

The quality and accessibility of sanitation systems is important but so too is having access to good hygiene and cleanliness practices. Cleaning and hygiene products are crucial to ensure sanitation spaces are kept clean and safe, such as handwashes  and sanitisers to support good personal hygiene.

Yet, as we increase our use of these products, we also risk harming the environment with chemicals and toxins. That’s why we developed our edencleen range, which includes high-performing solutions for around 80% of all cleaning needs, limiting any harmful impact on the environment.

Our edencleen range is designed for sustainable hygiene the right way and includes toilet cleaner gel, washroom cleaner, drain maintainer, floor cleaner and urinal cleaner.

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